First Security

Security Management


Our staff of Security Professionals have knowledge, expertises and skills certified in accordance with UNI 10459:2015 that – always keeping in mind the orientation to the economic aspects, the attention to the corporate mission and the full awareness of the issues relating to business and professional ethics – allow them to act as consultants, with the aim to assist companies in defining the general rules for corporate security, to define and to verify the correct use of the procedures and security standards within the enterprise, to assess the environmental dynamics associated with crime that may have fallout on the company, to be constantly updated on new technologies that can introduce new risks and potential crisis, to analyze the risks by detecting incidents and systematically studying the causes and mode of occurrence (for example, by statistical analysis of historical cases), to implement procedures and technical supports plant and studying the relevant procedural consequences also with related cost / benefit assessments or other appropriate discriminating techniques; to handle emergency situations and plan their devices, to define awareness and training programs to employees on security issues and to define training programs and training of company security personnel.

In addition our Managers have psychological and behavioral characteristics, personality and moral integrity that are essential to hold the office of Security Professional, ensuring adaptability to the exigent circumstances and ability to make decisions quickly and appropriately to emergencies or threats of immediate danger, adapting quickly and effectively their responses, ensuring ability to diagnose / monitor / action about situations related to production processes, sales and distribution operations, organization and planning.