First Security

Remote monitoring and surveillance with emergency intervention service on alarm


The service of receiving and managing of signals coming from the tele surveillance and remote monitoring systems is organized through the use of one or more security guards 24 hours a day and consists essentially of the remote management of signals / information from and / or to direct / to a standing or moving target, or direct reporting of the client, as further specified below at merely representative and not exhaustive title:
– tele surveillance: remote surveillance aimed at the protection of property and valuables from crimes against property;
– social alarm: remote surveillance aimed at activation of assistance and first aid in favor of physical persons;
– remote control: remote surveillance aimed at environmental control and / or technological systems.
The Company has an Operation Control Center in which are carried out all the activities related to supervisory tele services, remote assistance and remote monitoring.

The Operation Control Center is:

  • active and manned 24 hours a day;
  • organized, in terms of human resources, and dimensioned, in terms of technologies, so as to ensure that the acquisition and management of information / signals, coming from devices installed at the targets and connected to it via the communication carriers, and the initiation of the consequent procedures, tend to be seamless;
  • located in premises adequately protected from access by unauthorized persons.

The emergency intervention service on alarm is organized by the use of one or more mobile patrols, in the hours contractually defined, and essentially consists in carrying out the not programmed inspection at the objectives assigned, activated following the detection of abnormal situations either in remote surveillance services.

Following the communication received from the Operation Control Center about alarm signal from one of the assigned objectives, controls include:

  • the detection of symptoms complainants a danger existing or imminent for the integrity of the objectives, or facts which have already occurred;
  • control of access points indicated in the contract through the verification procedure of locking systems.