First Security

Sites with special security requirements

The surveillance of sites with special security needs and, as such, entrusted exclusively to security guards – if not directly entrusted to the Police – is aimed at:

  • sites where there are people performing tasks particularly sensitive for the public interest and for which should be guaranteed safety and operation (eg hospitals and / or companies for health);
  • sites that contain sensitive data banks, or those with restricted access only to authorized people (eg public facilities equipped with data centers and / or a strong public turnout, the Regions and Provinces headquarters, National Social Security Institute, etc.);
  • sites where access is subject to control with X-ray machines or metal detectors or personally identifiable (eg courts and judicial offices in general);
  • sites where there is significant stock of values ​​or of removable value goods (such as museums, art galleries, exhibitions if they contain high artistic and economic value works).